Professionally, I am a feminist historian, as well as freelance writer and researcher who has worked on a broad range of topics including the history of the body, technology and heritage architecture. Last year, I joined the editorial collective of ActiveHistory.ca–a SSHRC funded scholarly web site for public engagement.  I was born and raised in Nova Scotia and currently reside in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Trained as a gender and sexuality historian, I specialize in the history of marginal science, medicine and technology. My book, Science of the Séance: Transnational Networks and Gendered Bodies in the Study of Psychic Phenomenon, 1918-1940 is due to be released by UBC Press in November 2016. Other interests of mine include the history of the senses, disabilities, computing, surveillance, communications, visual and material culture. Creating virtual exhibits has increasingly become a passion of mine, and I am currently in the midst of researching and designing Envisioning Technologies: Historical Insights into People who are Blind or Partially Sighted in Canada, 1890-Present, alongside Carleton University’s Disabilities Research Group. 


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